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Who We Are

Firs City Fund is a complete multi-purpose Banking system. We have account-holders from almost all over the world. This is getting popular day by day. Our system is secure and robust. You may feel safe about your deposited funds. We offer different types of financial services to our customers all over the world.

We have multiple branches to provide different services such as loans, Wire transfers, Long term deposits, savings, and some other related services.

Royal Credits Bank is a secure and robust Banking system getting popular all over the world every day. We offer the best FDR, DPS, and Loan plans to our account holders.

Our Mission

To provide advanced and creative banking system for our clients, both locally and internationally, through a successful team, using advanced programs, and techniques that keep up with the advancements in today’s world.

Our Vision

To empower our customers to succeed in every aspect and activities of their financial lives. To be the clients’ best choice through offering an integrated and distinctive bundle of banking services in all over the globe.

Our Goal

To provide the best banking and investment services, building and developing a professional banking services team, with the best experience and the ability to implement the latest techniques and systems.