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First City Fund is a comprehensive multi-purpose digital banking system. From banking to investments and beyond, the options are vast and varied. If you are considering a career in financial services, we offer different types of financial services to our customers all over the globe. We have multiple branches that provide services, such as loans, wire transfers, investments, savings, and other related services.

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Our Services

You can choose any of our services

Money Transfer

We offer you secure and easy transfer. Transfer money between users within minutes.

Multi Currency

We support multi-currency. Bank conveniently with currencies of your choice.

Exchange Currency

We offer the lowest exchange fee so you can exchange your currency anytime.

Fixed Deposit

We offer long-term investment and you will get a good interest rate after maturity.

Apply Loan

We offer different types of loans with low-interest rates. You can get a loan with ease.

Payment Request

You can make payment requests from your customers for any type of product or service.

Loan Packages

We offer different types of loans with low-interest rates. You can get a hassle-free loan within minutes.

Student Loan

12.00 %

  • Term 3 Month
  • Interest Rate 12.00 %
  • Interest Type Flat Rate
  • Minimum $100.00
  • Maximum $1,000.00
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Personal Loan

15.00 %

  • Term 3 Month
  • Interest Rate 15.00 %
  • Interest Type Fixed Rate
  • Minimum $1,000.00
  • Maximum $100,000.00
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Enterprise Loan

25.00 %

  • Term 6 Month
  • Interest Rate 25.00 %
  • Interest Type Mortgage
  • Minimum $10,000.00
  • Maximum $5,000,000.00
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We served over 12M+ Customers

Don't take our word for it, here's what some of our customers have to say about us.

Gregory M.

Gregory M.

Both my wife and I have our own businesses and needed to find a bank that specifically caters to small, independent contractors. Bil Marvin gave us personalized care, and knowledgeable and efficient information for setting things up. Honestly, his approach, and indeed all of the people we came in contact with at Firstcity bank, was friendly and helpful. They are great!

Trishia B.

Trishia B.

Great banking experience. I opened a new business account at First city fund, it was easy and seamless application process with great and very knowledgeable service help, always friendly, personalized and supportive, responding quickly to all my questions and concerns. The bank website is very clear and easy to navigate which makes banking experience smooth and friendly. I highly recommend this bank.

Lo Beto C.

Lo Beto C.

I have used Firstcity Bank on Granger Blvd for many of my banking needs, and most recently a mortgage refi. The employees there are always friendly and welcoming. My loan officer was Ethan who was extremely organized and quick to responded with any questions I had. In my case, the turn around time from application to close was very quick. Thank you Firstcityfund for always providing exceptional service!

Mayer Carel

Mayer Carel

I am not tech-savvy so when I had to accomplish two technical avenues I went to Firstcityfund. I now have on-line banking along with a complete and patiently given how-to as well as a way to add to my account through Venmo. The staff were friendly and helpful and incredibly patient with the process of getting me set up. I have been banking with Firstcity for years and I am so happy to be a member of this banking institution.

Hanuel Mayer

Hanuel Mayer

I’ve never been so happy with my bank. Very professional yet friendly. They go out of their way to be helpful. Always get a personal greeting and friendly smile. Sue from my Northborough branch which I always use actually called to see how we were and if we needed anything. What other bank does that?! I feel that this bank will accommodate whatever needs we might have in the future with kindness and professionalism.

Abbra Consult

Abbra Consult

I just want compliment Lori Krasner, senior accountant supervisor, for her incredible response time and solution to an emergency banking issue I had. I have yet in all my business years been so well taken care of by anyone associated with our mortgages and bank accounts. Lori, I cannot thank you enough. Sincerely, Mark.

Jerry A.

Jerry A.

I have been doing business with First city fund since January of 2020. The staff are extremely generous, helpful and friendly. Whenever I have a questions or need help; they are all so quick to assist and with genuinely happy attitudes. We love the First city fund branch at Hudson, MA. Excellent Staff. Excellent products.

Liehn P.N.

Liehn P.N.

I currently work with some of the top banks in New York City, and must write that First city fund is far superior in their customer service and quick ability to help me in need during this horrendous health crisis and financial disaster. I plan to continue doing much more business with this bank. Excellent team of professionals and speed in their delivery to respond to requests. Highly recommend.

Mira Jassey

Mira Jassey

I have been with Marlboro Savings Bank since they were on mechanic st. age of 28, now 46.. it was scary when the merger happened a while back, I’m still happy with you people.. no matter what problems concern me, they have always been corrected with your patience.. stay that way, we (myself) can learn to be more patient. I appreciate all you do. Thanks for a GREAT BANK !